About us

- What is Doodling? - 

“Doodles are like fragments of a map that show how someone’s mind works.”

Remember when you are stuck somewhere, waiting or listening with pen in hand and soon the margins of your notebook seem to fill up with lopsided hearts and your name with characters coming out of it? Well, you have started doodling while the focus of our attention was somewhere else. That’s the magic of doodling, how creative we can be without even trying!

- So, how we started? - 

In today's times we are lost in a reality that is only virtual. So, in the summer of 2017, a few friends sat in a small garden somewhere in a big city and decided how they could remind the world that happiness can often be found in little things, like pen on paper.

We are a team of passionate artists and designers who are trying to find a new voice for art in a world that seems to have forgotten it. Every single dot on every graphic has a deep thought process behind it and is meticulously created with ink on paper and extreme patience. We hope the consciousness within you can identify with the tales in our art and be inspired to contribute it's ideas to this World.

- The Team - 

Shekhar Dahiya_Doodle Dreams
Shekhar Dahiya
Founder & Artist
 Passionate, Dreamer, Emotional, Artist
A doodle Artist and a B arch graduate from one of the renowned college of India." I love working hard to continuously improve and give the best doodle designs for any personal or commercialized project I pick. I imagine happy days, successful days and some real solid days coming for us and our start up Doodle Dreams."
  Khushboo Dahiya_Doodle Dreams
Khushboo Dahiya
Cofounder & Business Head
Persistent, Emotional, Daring, DETAIL ORIENTED
An MBA Graduate with more than 5 years of experience in Marketing and Business Development for renowned B2B brands.